Balcony Bliss

I am so excited to share with you what I feel is the best part of our apartment. It’s the space that cost the least amount of money to furnish, had the worst before pictures, but the best overall impact.

Drum roll please…. brrrrrmmmmmmm…. Are you ready? Our balcony!

When looking for a place having a little bit of outdoor space was absolutely crucial in our hunt. However, when you’re looking downtown, this luxury isn’t always easily come by.

Here are the dreadful before shots:



Believe it or not, these pictures were taken AFTER I did a load of sweeping. Oh, and I my thrifty natured self thought I would save a little dough and buy my broom and dust pan from the Dollar Store… big mistake. There are somethings that just need to be good quality. So after alot of sweeping (some cursing and swearing at my broom), and cleaning up everything from garbage, to leaves, to old kitty litter (oh ya, the past tenant must have had an animal pooping on the balcony. LOVELY), it was ready to start decorating! Yayyy, the fun part! But before I show you the afters, I’ll share this little treasure with you:


Ya… I think they had some sort of dumpy rock collection. ?…? what… the…? 🙂

Ok, enough trash talkin’. Each to their own.

Here’s what I started with. I first saw the apartment and then bought everything and gathered what I needed in my parents garage/spare bedroom.



Sorry for the crappy picture quality — getting a new camera is on my “to buy list”. Those pictures were taken from my ancient iphone.
So basically, I gathered a bunch of items that I wanted to be the basis for the colour scheme. My thought process was essentially that I wanted a place for people to sit and chat or possibly eat, and another place for someone to relax and maybe read. It was also important for me to have kind of a pier1 imports meets bright bold colours sort of vibe. Fun, fresh, and summery. OOoooo 🙂

Also, although I had a pier1 imports eye, I’m working with my usual thrifty budget. Challenge accepted!

Here are the after pictures. Voila:



So allow me to break it down for ya. I’ll walk you through the projects that I did within this space.


The red chairs were purchased from Value Village for $3.00 each. I took me about 3 cans to spray paint them red. Very simple project. The black and white floral rug was from Giant Tiger for $14.99, and the white table was found in my neighbours trash (score!). The beige pillows on the chairs were from the Dollar Store, and the floral patterned larger pillows were from the Salvation Army for $2.99 (might I add that the one above had a pier1 imports tag on it!).


That little flower cost about $1.99 from Salvation army, and I used left over spray paint to paint the stripes. I also added in some red flower heads to play off the red chairs. I like it because it is fake and I kill most plants I come into contact with.


This white rocking chair was found in my neighbours trash (I have pretty generous neighbours eh?). The black and white floral pillows were a steal at $4.99 each from Salvation army. The striped cushion was a little bit of a splurge at $25.99 from Homesense, but it was the only cushion that was sold as a single.


The wicker ottoman was found in my neighbours trash. I don’t have the before pictures, but it was pretty dirty and not the nicest finish, so I washed it all down, rubbed some ebonny miniwax that I had kickin’ around, and gave it a coat of varathane (also something that I usually have instock). The beautiful bright striped rug was a gift from my mother as a move-in present (I believe she got it from IKEA). The basket where I keep my slippers (and now kitten toys 🙂 ) was $3.99 from Salvation army.


The black and white sticks were purchased from IKEA for 10 bucks I believe. The green skinny dresser was from a garage sale for $30. And the accessories were from the thrift store for extremely cheap as well.


I looooooove these candle holders from Homesense. They were $15.99 each (which is a little bit of a splurge for me, but hey, I absolutely love them). I bought matching ones for either end.

Let’s do a final break down of how much money I spent on the space in its entirety:

  • Red chairs: $3.99 each + 3 cans of spray paint ($4.99 each) = $23.00
  • Pillows: approximately $40.00 for the whole gang
  • Rugs: $14.99
  • Accessories: approximately $50.00
  • Candles: $15.00

Grand total: approximately $143.00

I would still really love to get a big wall art for the wall behind the red chairs. You know those vintage ones with big ornate iron designs? Maybe something with birds? I’m on the look-out. I’ve checked Homesense without any luck. If you find some pretty ones please let me know where.

Sometime soon I will post pictures of it all lit up at night with candles. It’s absolutely gorgeous this time of year. If I could, I would invite you all over for margaritas :). Ooo or Sangria. Have you done anything fun outside for spring? Are you loving all the spring and summer stuff coming into the stores as much as I am?  Homesense had some amazingly beautiful outdoor cushions. Thanks for reading!



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