Green Thumb

Hi everyone!

Ok, ok, OK! It has been too long. I know. I took a crazy long leave of absence… er, Wreath-ernity leave? Is there such a thing? Haha, well basically I spent the last month making a crazy amount of wreaths. What have you been upto? Would it be awkward if we had an internet hugging session? Life pretty much got in the way. It happens.

I also did some gardening (as much as one person can do on a balcony). And, anyone who knows me, knows that this does not come naturally. I’ve received beautiful orchids as gifts in the past, and have killed them almost within the month. I’m thinking I over watered them, quite possibly. Anyway, until recently I had sentenced myself to faux plants (I say faux because it sounds more classy than fake and plastic). But really, it’s not the same.

So I thought what the hey, let’s see what Momma can grow. I would like to tell you that I went to a garden centre, or spoke to someone who has the faintest passion or intellect towards plants, but no, this chick lives downtown and went to her nearest Loblaws (er, Lo-blahs). Ya, they didn’t really have a huge selection, but I did find some pretty little blooms in my balcony’s colour scheme :).

Also, I should add that my balcony poses two challenges:

  • I only receive about 3 hours of direct afternoon sun. The rest of the day is sunny, but not direct exposure.
  • It is an enclosed balcony, so there isn’t anything in terms of rain… and I tend to kill plants that I have to water myself.
  • The plants needed to be critter friendly. My kitten is a monster who eats and attacks everything.
  • As per usual, I’m on a budget. So the plants needed to be somewhat cheap, I mean, affordable.

I believe that is pretty much it. Here’s a picture to illustrate just what I’m talking about in terms of sunlight. I should also add that the sun I do get, is about a two foot by one foot patch.


Not a huge amount of light. But hey, we work with what we got in life, don’t we?

Here’s a layout of what each plant is:


That photo was taken after the sun had moved on. Yes, I now realize that I have spelt Calla Lilly incorrectly. Damn!

The light may look nice and even, but unfortunately it was pretty shady. (Slim shady reference anyone?)


If anyone knows the name of the plant on the right, do share (I’ve lost the tag). The plant on the left is a sneaky, faux imposter! (Whom sometimes I forget is an imposter and occasionally water.)


That pot shaped and painted like a house was a garage sale find for $1.00. The black Chinese urn was bought from Winners on clearance for $10.00. It was originally an off white and was pretty badly scuffed up. I found a very similar product being sold at Pier1 imports for $99.95 American.


They’re cute, don’t get me wrong, but Momma’s on a budget!


Here’s a pretty picture of the Mums’ with sunshine beaming through.

painted rocks

I also painted some dollar store rocks with acrylic paint and scattered them throughout the base of the plants.


I painted a larger rock that I “found” on my walk home from work to look like baby Jack. The resemblance is really uncanny.

Well there you have it. That’s my garden. It’s no Royal Botanical Garden by any means, but I still like it. Have you been doing any gardening lately? Are you dealing with any challenging gardening on balcony situations?

I will end this post with a cutesy, self-indulgent kitten picture.

professor cuteness

Don’t laugh. He has a stigmatism.


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