D.I.Y. Summer Wreath made from Pool Noodle

Good evening everybody!

Soooo, I chose the coldest day in May to make a cutesy summer wreath. I’m serious. It freakin’ snowed today. IN MAY.

I’ve been meaning to take on this project for quite some time. The door to our apartment is pretty blah, and since we are renters, there isn’t too much we can do about it. If I had it my way (and owned the apartment), I would paint the door a bright, happy colour. Take that condo board! You can’t control me. That’s what I’d say. (ya, right).

But before I show you my take on the summer wreath, allow me to dazzle you… to explode your crafty senses… get ready… I hope you have a couple of hours to kill, because after seeing these beauties, you’re going to want to make your own. But have no fear, I think it’s a very doable DIY. 🙂

Andrea Ehret (an etsy shop owner), has produced these lovelies:

andrea ehret

andrea ehret1

andrea ehret2

I love the use of pattern and bright colour schemes. So perfect.

Annie Farber’s paper flower wreaths are so intricate and cheerful. They totally blow the senses.

annie farber

I adore this neutral wreath that Brooke Halas created. What an understated gem.

brooke halas

I think it would look absolutely stunning on the right door.

Ella Bella Mac Designs makes some incredibly beautiful and whimsical pieces. I love the incorporation of hemp, twine, and faux birds.

ella bella mac designs

ella bella mac designs1

ella bella mac designs2

Absolutely stunning. The small details such as the use of gems, and intricate flowers are pure perfection. My hats off to you!

I love how Shannon Tinstman used complimentary colours in this wreath. Stunning! I think it would look darling in fall.

Shannon Tinstman

And last, but not least, Nancy Andrews. I love the punches of colours in that cluster of flowers. It reminds me of jelly beans… lovely!

nancy andrews

So precious. I would love it on a door leading into a little girls room.

Does anyone else get this excited over wreaths? Haha, I hope so! So, out of the whole bunch, I loved this one the most. And unfortunately, I’m not sure who made it. I found it on etsy awhile back and the colours blew me away. You know how I love turquoise and pink.

spring wreath

I love everything about it. So I decided to try my hand at it. I hope mine doesn’t look like child’s play compared to those ones!

Naturally, I hit up my local Dollar Store for supplies. I had the essentials… like a glue gun, an assortment of buttons, duct tape, etc.

My main purchases were:

  •  A pool noodle ($1.50)


(Which I taped the ends together with duct tape)

  • Felt (an assortment of colours in one package for $1.00 a piece. I bought 3 packages)
  • Yarn. I bought three small bundles of different colours ($1.99 each) and one large bundle ($3.99)


  • Felt flowers ($2.00)


Wooden letters (although I only needed two specific letters, it was cheaper to buy the whole alphabet. Go figure. $2.00)


  • Miscellaneous decorative little treasures. I bought some fake birds, ribbons, fake fruit (what was I thinking?), fake flowers, etc. (total: $6.00)

And then I got to work wrapping the yarn around the noodle. This took a pretty large amount of time, I won’t lie to you. I was visiting with my mom, so I spent most of the time gabbing. I recommend you do the same.. or watch tv. If so, I recommend True Blood. 🙂 Anyone else so excited for season 6?!

Here’s a shot of the back-side. Basically, I glued one end down, wrapped, and then stuck a line of hot glue across the back to secure it.



I used twine as well.


Not so pretty yet eh? I know… I was getting kind of frustrated at this point.


I spray painted a “J” and a “K” (for mine and my boyfriend’s initials) chrome. I wanted the wreath to have a personal, monogramed touch to it :).


I glue gunned a toothpick on the back of the letters so that I could stick them into the noodle, and that they would stand upright.

And here’s where it gets hazy. I got so into decorating it, that I didn’t take too many pictures. Basically, I glued, glued, glued! And then glued some more. I also tried my hand at making my own flowers… I think it takes practice.

Here is the finished product:




Alright, alright, it’s not as great as the others but not bad for my first try! 🙂 I think the lighting kind of sucks. Anyway, I still love it. Even though it kind of turned out sort of easter egg shaped. My goal is to do a wreath for every season and holiday. I’ll keep you posted.

So which wreath was your favourite? Have you made any amazing wreaths lately? Do share. I salute you masters of felt.

Pssssst: I found a two great tutorials on how to make felt flowers. Please don’t burn yourselves on the hot glue! I know I did!





Red Sticks

Hello everyone!

Are you looking for a fun, bold, yet simple statement piece for your home? I’ve got just the thing! It’s easy to do, environmentally friendly, CHEAP I mean affordable ;), and well, just plain fun. Ok, I’m really selling it, but I honestly really loved the way it turned out.

When cruising blogs (as I do way, WAY too often), I stumbled upon these little gems:


I love the red sticks when placed in a clear vase… I think if vase were patterend or even opaque, it would take away from them.


Don’t these look smart in the simple white ceramic vase?


Or even just one branch as a centrepiece on your table? Gorgeous!


Check out how this blogger used only one branch resting on a bookshelf. I love how the red pops against the blue walls.

branches in vase

This is a neat adaptation to the idea… incorporating tealights. Hmmm… could work!

Anyway, needless to say, I was inspired. And this usually follows with me wondering how I can DIY it myself. So I found myself on a mission to hunt down some suitable twigs for painting.

The whole idea kind of left my mind, until one day I was walking my dog in the woods, and I stumbled upon some branches that the deer had chewed all of the bark off of. In other words, they had done all the dirty work for me. The branches were perfectly smooth, virtually bark free, and ready for spraying. Bonus!



Well, after scouring my computer for the before pictures of the actually branches before I painted them, I found nothin’. I’m sorry guys, it’s frustrating… but basically they looked something like this:

growing greener

Although mine had virtually no bark left on them. I contemplated leaving them natural, but the idea of painting them red could not be shook.

So I did.

And now they live in an IKEA vase in our living room:


I absolutely love how they turned out. We get compliments on them all of the time.

Here’s the project cost break-down:

  • $20.00 approximately for the IKEA vase
  • $5.99 for the spray paint (1 can did a pretty good job)

Total: $25.99

Mind you, it does go against everything I stand for buying the vase from IKEA… however, sometimes I find I get impatient while searching the thrift store for a specific item, and then end up just buying something new (rather than waiting for something to come around). I bet you could find one though for much cheaper ;).

Here’s another shot:


Wouldn’t they look spectacular in an ultramarine blue? Or white? Or yellow? Or orange for Halloween? AH! Ok, every colour would look awesome haha. (One more..) Or forest green? 😀

Please disregard the stain peeking through on my tv unit. I have literally painted it 15 times, have used special “stain proof” primer, and have repainted it again with 5 more coats of white. Does anyone know anything that will stop the bleeding? Just keeping it real.

Anyway, I hope you try this project yourself. And if you do, please send me the pictures. Someone try it with sunshine yellow… I dare you. 🙂

Once again, thank you for reading and following along. I love you guys!