Photo Tour (before & afters)

Welcome to my apartment tour! Woohoooo! C’mon in!

It has been a seriously long time coming, and I cannot wait to share our before and after photos of our (mine and my boyfriend) apartment. We moved into the apartment April 1st, 2013, and although we’ve only been here a month, it is really starting to feel like home. If you have any questions regarding something you’ve seen — whether it’s a “how to”, “where’d ya get that”, or “hey why do you have white objects in random places” kind of question, I’ll do my best to answer in a timely manor. As the blog progresses, I will be posting on specific projects, furniture redos, etc. Here goes!

First we’ll start with the blah entry way before pictures.


Nothing too special. The carpet was kind of icky. I really wanted to add some punchy colours without actually painting the walls (we’re renters).


I copied and pasted some close-ups so you can get a better look at some of the details.


Here’s the view from when you first enter the apartment.


The walls are neutral and the apartment itself is very spacious. We were so excited to get a big sectional in there to provide tons of seating and to break-up the space.


As you can see, we threw down an area rug to help define the space, and we purchased a large neutral sectional in a light fawn colour (we may end up regretting the decision to choose a light fabric, but for now, it we love it!) We also painted an accent wall in a charcol grey tone.


I bought some fun pillows to help tye in the fabric of the chairs throughout the room, and also the paper backing of the shelf.




One thought on “Photo Tour (before & afters)

  1. Your apartment looks absolutely wonderful. You certanly have an eye for style and color.

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