Thank you for checking out my latest crafting project: the pool noodle wreath. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy to do craft, this maybe just perfect for you! All you need is a pool noodle, some duct tape, a hot glue gun, some yarn or burlap, and some crafty treasures. I have had so much fun making these wreaths, but be warned… it can become addictive! I cannot wait to make one in every colour, and for every season and holiday.

So you start by taping the ends of your pool noodle together with duct tape (make sure it is thoroughly taped because it is so disappointing if it comes undone).


When you’re sure that it’s good and secure, wrap it up with yarn or whatever pleases you, and then bling and bedazzle it until your little heart is content!

Here is a more in depth description of how I went about completing my first wreath:


After my first one was complete, I kind of went a bit wild and did a whole bunch more. And then here are the final products:



This particular wreath was made for my grandmother. She loves pink, blue, and bling. What girl doesn’t love a little bling?



With this wreath, I used the same technique indicated in the tutorial of wrapping yarn around the noodle to create the base. I also incorporated fabric as leaves.




The base of this wreath was completed by wrapping strips of burlap around the pool-noodle. The picture was taken in the tree at my parents’ home.



Faux moss and twigs embellish this wreath. I also added a variety of sized pearls to the centres of the rosettes.

pink on fence

pink with peonies




I used fabric rosettes to add a bit of pattern to this wreath. I wanted it to be very feminine, young, and funky!



This wreath is one of my favourites. I just find that it feels so soft. I splurged and bought the more expensive, extra soft felt for this one, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the cheap stuff.


heart in green



With this wreath I wanted to do a twist on the obvious “heart shaped = Valentines day” wreath, and do a “summer lovin'” wreath instead. This wreath has been embellished with laces, ribbons, pom-poms, pearls, buttons, and a number of other crafty treasures.


doorknob blue ribbon

This wreath sports a combination of both ribbon and burlap on the base, and is embellished with blue and white rosettes. If you look closely, you can see different shades of purple pom-poms peeking from behind the flowers.

peacock in lilacs

peacock in green

This little wreath incorporates two of my loves: blue and peacock feathers. Oh, and birds! …and bling. Okay, I just had way too much fun with this one. 🙂

bird in nest (green)

wreath on brick





This particular wreath was a commissioned by my mother as a gift for a dear friend of hers. I won’t say who, because she is likely reading this and it wouldn’t be nice to ruin the surprise. I really hope she likes it, because it is indeed one of my favourites. The flowers and bird’s nest are all handmade (I’ll be posting tutorials soon enough)!




This is a much larger wreath than what I normally work with (A.K.A., I used the entire noodle). I also tried my hand at some different flower techniques. It takes a little bit more time to create the larger flowers, but I love the impact they create. I felt with a bigger base, it needed larger flowers. I think it would look pretty for Remembrance Day.



I love this soft, tiny little wreath. I think it would look sweet in a baby’s room. Awwwww!




I know that I could say this about all of my wreaths, but this latest little guy is one of my favourites. All of the rosettes are handmade, and are pinned into place with a variety of coloured pearls. I found the ombre blue pom-pom yarn at the Dollarstore, along with pretty much everything else you see. Don’t you just love the discounts? I know I do!




I call this wreath “Tangerine dream”… (yes, I am a dork who names all of my wreaths). I can’t tell you how many people gave me odd looks while taking pictures of my wreaths outside in downtown Ottawa. Hasn’t anyone ever climbed over a fence in National Defence to take pictures of their homemade crafts in trees and bushes? I don’t see what the dealio is. 🙂

That’s all for now folks! Thank you so much for checking out my wreaths. I will be updating this page with my latest creations on a regular basis. Stay tuned!


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